Michael A. Russell
Professor of Chemistry
Mt. Hood Community College
Science Division
26000 SE Stark
Gresham, Oregon USA 97030
(503) 491-7348


About Yours Truly
A quick statement about who I am
A brief look at Jill, my soulmate
Some Philosophy on the "Life Assignment" we are all given
A wonderful Navajo Poem you might enjoy reading
My resume showing my professional accomplishments
My personal page for my students at Mt. Hood Community College
A QuickTime movie: Dreaming of Kiwanda (1.4 MB), very "home movie"-ish
A QuickTime music file: Jill (442 kB), devoted to my wife Jill (and easier on slower internet connections!)
An MP3 file: Jill (5.2 MB), devoted to my wife Jill
An MP3 file: Devotion in Love (4.7 MB), one of my first recorded songs from 1988
An MP3 file: She's The One For Me (1.7 MB), lovely acoustic decadence
An MP3 file: Music (1.4 MB), a dubbed house style retro-kicks
An MP3 file: In the Eyes of a Child (To Grayson) (2.4 MB), a song to my son

me looking at the world...

Always actively watching the world...

Last updated on April 12, 2011