Beyond the Internet Syllabus
Methods to Enhance Classroom Learning on the World Wide Web

Michael A. Russell
Winter 2000
AC 2596
(503) 491-7348

This paper will outline the methodology created to enhance classroom learning using the World Wide Web (hereafter "Web"). Dynamic methods include JavaScript self-graded tutorials (Section One), the Discus bulletin board system (Section Two), and a "Drills and Practice" set of problems (Section Three). Other methods to enhance student learning on the Web are discussed. The formatting and posting of handouts, quiz answers, etc. using Microsoft Word on the Web is explained (Section Four). A method of accepting, grading and returning papers and laboratory reports using Microsoft Word 97's editing protocols and electronic mail is discussed (Section Five). Finally, for students with limited exposure to the Internet, a sample "introductory laboratory assignment" is provided which initiates novices to the myriad wonders of the on-line world (Section Six).

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If there are any questions relating to this project, I would be happy to answer them.


Michael A. Russell, Ph.D.
Professor of Chemistry
Mt. Hood Community College
Gresham, Oregon USA
97030 503.491.7348

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