Joining the DV Revolution
Creating Movies for the Classroom and the Web

Michael A. Russell
AC 2596, (503) 491-7348


This paper outlines the basic process required to make movies for the Classroom and the World Wide Web (hereafter "Web") on a Personal Computer (hereafter "PC"). Digital Video (hereafter "DV") is a set of recent technological advancements that allow home computer owners the opportunity to create movies. The effect of DV on the computing workforce will be analogous to the desktop publishing "revolution" which occurred in the 1980s. Whether the movies are to be made for home, professional or classroom use, an understanding of the basic principles should be mandatory to those interested in keeping current with computer technology.

A brief historical overview of the DV Revolution will be presented, followed by a discussion on how movies are made (acquiring the source material, creating the movie, and distributing the movie.) Some perspective about the kind of equipment necessary will be provided in addition to a list of movie editing software titles necessary for making movies. Additional detail will be given on the three stages of movie making, followed by an acknowledgements section and a list of resources for more information on the many components of DV.

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The Movie Making Process

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Acquiring the Source Material

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Creating the Movie

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Distributing the Movie

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The Future and Final Thoughts

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Resources for More Information

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Samples of movies created using the DV Revolution Technique:

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