Listen To Me!
Creating Audio for PowerPoint and the Web: Addendum 6/28/01
Michael A. Russell

This paper provides additional information regarding the "Listen To Me!" TLC proposal.

I.              New Web Address

The TLC Proposal website has changed since the "Listen To Me!" proposal was submitted.  Effective immediately, the new address is:

II.            Estimated Time Requirements for Completion of the "Listen To Me!" Proposal

As per the TLC's request, I have included a list of approximate hourly minimums to complete this grant:


Approximate Hours


Choosing Equipment


Sound equipment (microphones, ADC, Hard Disk Editors, etc.)

Learning Equipment


Input and output balancing, Firewire, XLR, DAT, etc.

Learning Software: Sound Editor


AudioDesk, Adobe After Effects, etc.

Learning Software: Waveform Analyzer


PeakDV, MAS, etc.

Learning Software: Sequencer


Digital Performer, FreeStyle, etc.

Learning Software: PowerPoint Sound Applications


Learning to use audio transitions, etc.

Preparing Paper for TLC grant


Paper required under TLC guidelines for Innovation Grant

Preparing Handout for Faculty and Staff on PowerPoint


A compendium of helpful hints and ideas on using PowerPoint in the classroom and on the Web

Preparing Presentation


PowerPoint, samples for Web, etc.


50+ hours

All times are estimated minimums

All hours listed are approximate minimums, and real time values will almost inevitably be considerably longer than the times listed.  It should also be noted that this breakdown does not include hours spent preparing this report for the TLC grant, nor does it include any hours utilized to present the assimilated information.  Based on a $20 per hour rate, it should be obvious that the TLC will be getting considerable value from funding this grant!

III.         Construction of a PowerPoint "Handout" for Faculty and Staff

In the grant review for the "Listen To Me!" proposal, it was recommended that I construct a "How To" Handout on PowerPoint for faculty and staff.  This is a great idea, and as part of the "Listen To Me!" grant I will create a handout outlining techniques and tips on using PowerPoint in the classroom and on the Web.  This handout will coincide with the work performed by Dr. Walter Shriner and I concerning "Effective PowerPoint" (see:

I appreciate your continued assistance and for the opportunity to develop these ideas.  Sincerely,

Michael Russell
(503) 491-7348, AC 2596

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Questions about this material should be addressed to the author,
Dr. Michael A. Russell, Professor of Chemistry, at
Mt. Hood Community College in Gresham, Oregon

Last Updated on June 28, 2001